Why do we advertise our accountancy practice jobs for longer than everyone else?

In a nutshell, because we understand the practice market. Everyone that's operated within our market knows that certain practice roles take a little more care to accurately source for. It's a very different ball game recruiting for an 'audit senior' than it is for your AAT apprentice. We want to make sure that 'accountancy practice jobs' is a tool suitable for all recruitment requirements in practice and, importantly, for all locations. Whether you're looking to fill an accountancy job in London or Leyland.

In our experience 60 days advertisements aren't always necessary, but, they do over a better overall success rate. Therefore we offer our job postings to clients for twice as long as other accounting job boards, without charging twice as much.

The other reason is that at certain times of the year it may not be the ideal time for a candidate to be submitting applications. Christmas, end of the tax year to name but two. Therefore our advert gives clients the peace of mind to know that they will get a full range of coverage even if they start recruiting at a not so ideal time.