Three Top Tools For Accountancy Practice Owners

There are lots of interesting tools and services available for small businesses and accountancy practices in 2017. We often get into conversation with clients about what new tools, apps and websites have made a big difference to the way they run the business. We thought it may be interesting to put together a “mini-guide” about some of the most popular.




Do your clients have your mobile number? A lot of accountancy practice owners tend to have a strong personal relationship with their clients, which often includes exchanging mobile numbers. Many clients will value having the mobile number of their accountant in case of an emergency. The only problem is, do you ever have the chance to switch off? Swytch gives you a solution that can enable you to have a personal relationship with clients but enables you to be able to switch off when you’re on the beach in Spain! Swytch is an app for your phone that allows you to have, for a small monthly fee, additional mobile numbers that you can use solely for work purposes. They can then be switched off when you’re not working without having to turn off your phone!


Staff Holidays


There's nothing worse than coming into the office when a member of staff doesn’t arrive. No they're not ill, you’ve forgotten you’ve told them 3 months ago that they could have the week off! People HR among many other HR related services allows you to easily manage employee holidays through a straightforward web-based system. They also offer a free trial!


Payroll Software


Payroll software is always a big deal for accountancy practices and there is certainly no shortage of choice in today’s market. When we’ve spoken to practices across the country, we’re hearing that Bright Pay is a tool that accountants say their clients really enjoy using. This service is predominantly a service that clients can use independently, after the recommendation from their accountant or advisor. It is recognised by HMRC, can accept imports from CSV and has a 60-day trial available!